Our company NUTRIVA s. r. o. was founded in 2008 by three partners:

  1. Dr. Med. Vet. Peter Irgang, MBA - professionally qualified person in the field of veterinary medicine and animal feed production. Main area of his activities in the company are investments, strategies and realisation of new projects,

  2. Ing. Martin Mlích – business and financial director of the company. Main area of his activities in the company is managing of existing business and ensuring compliance with EU and national legislation in area of animal feed production, taxation and other business issues,

  3. Josef Höller – professionally qualified person in the field of technological process of processing animal by-products and ensuring logistical issues.

In the first years of activity in the market, the company dealt mainly with trade of animal by-products such as processed animal proteins (poultry meal, feather meal, blood meal), animal fat, blood products, fertilizers etc.

In 2009 the company signed the Cooperation contract with the biggest poultry producer in Romania – SC Transavia S.A. Through this cooperation, NUTRIVA s. r. o. built a plant for processing animal by-products in Romania where is processed raw material from slaughterhouses of SC Transavia S.A. and from other smaller slaughterhouses in Romania. This cooperation is going well and the production of processed animal proteins increases every year.

In 2013 the company started to operate on the food market with poultry products. These poultry products are made in plant of SC Transavia S.A. in Romania and they are made from the poultry from its own farms.

The main objective of the company is to supply high quality, tested and healthy, price affordable goods whose origin is easily findable and whose transport is transparent. Every piece of business of the company must be in accordance with European and national legislation.